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Astrology Readings 

Readings are done by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom.
Recordings may be done using voice memos from the phone or Zoom.

Payments accepted with Venmo or PayPal for phone/ FaceTime readings.
Readings are often combined with tarot and oracle cards


Natal Chart Reading + Report

Discover your Rising Sign, Moon Sign, and other personal planets and aspects. This reading can help you understand yourself better, your behaviors, patterns, and explore potentials to help you enhance your life.

1 HOUR | $111

Transit Reading 

 Focusing on where the planets are currently in relation to your personal natal chart. This offers clarity, validation, and insight into what’s happening or may happen. 

1 HOUR 15 MINS | $111

Relationship Compatibility

Connect and understand yourself in relation to someone else on a deep level. How does your personal planetary alignments combine with another? Find out if the connection has potential for longevity,  business, or friendship.

1 HOUR 30 MINS | $144

2021 Overview

Going over the whole year, transits, eclipses, and Full Moons/New Moons - How the major transit of Saturn (karma) and Pluto (transformation) may play out in your life.  Via email, you will receive a

report of details, transits, and dates.

2 part session for one half of the year and second session for the other 6 months.

2 HOURS | $222
Image by Farzad Mohsenvand
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